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Get registred on forehand/get your buyers number

Biders need to be registered and recieve their buyers number to avoid delays during the auction, it's a good idea even if you're not planing on purchasing annything. The buyers number is registered when a bid is placed, and so you'll need to make sure your number is highlighted properly when biding.

Auction terms

-Items are auctioned in their current condition, dint's, defects or missing features are not necessarily listed in the catalog. The buyer is responsible for evaluating the merchandise on forehand during the preview before the auction is held. No warranty's, nor regular purchasing policies apply regarding auction purchases.    

-According to norwegian regulations; There will be added an additional 20% fee on most merchandise  

-Secondhand tax is included in the 20% fee, it's not possible to withdraw this tax

-Buyers may pay the full 25% tax on request, the fee will be 10% + 25%. Some items does not apply to the latest regulations regarding secondhand tax and will be sold with the 10% + 25% fee, these items are marked with a * in the catalogue  

-Coins, stamps, books etc. are sold with a 15% fee.

-All secondhand tax items that sell for more than 50.000,- has a 15% fee (+5% fee to the norwegian arts foundation if necessary).

Advance reservations. You will get a feedback that we have received your bid. If we have not responded within 24 hours bidder must contact the shop by phone 51 60 80 30. The deadline for advance bids is Friday (before the auction) 16:00.


The customer is responsible for shiping items purchased on the auction, Antique & Auction will not be held responsible for freight damages of anny kind.



Tax groups

Tax groups which appear on the customers receipt/invoice represent the following discription 

Group 1: 20%
Most artifacts are sold with this tax group, it represents regular secondhand tax.

Group 2: 10% + 25% totalt 37,5%
This tax group is marked with the * and represents the full 25% tax + fee.

Group 3: 10% + 25% + 5%
This tax group is marked with the * and represents the full 25% tax + fee + arts found fee.

Group 4: 20% + 5%
Regular secondhand tax + arts found fee

Group 5: 15%
Stamps, coins, books, etc.

Groupe 6: 15% + 5%
Arts which are sold for more than 50.000,-

Groupe 7: 15%
Secondhand tax items sold for more than 50.000,-


-kt = karat gold
-ct = carat diamonds
-mah. = mahogni
-def. = defect
-dia. = diamond
-hvg. = White gold
-hv/g = White and yellow gold
-gg. = Yellow gold

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